Success Stories


Success Stories

It is wonderful to witness how the student’s careers take shape right in front of our eyes.  We wanted to share some inspiring stories from our students in hope that it serves as confirmation to you, when choosing a career in the hospitality industry.



Like any other dream it started out very young. I always dreamed to be the next master chef. Always in the kitchen playing with granny.

As I got older the passion grew and became a part of me. In high school we decided to enter the Guvon cook-off challenge without having any intention of ever winning, but with a little luck and a lot of God’s grace we did!

As part of the prize we got discount on study fees and shortly my dream became my reality. As a Guvon student things went well. I was placed at The Fairway Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort and the journey got even more exciting and even more real. As our second year started, I signed my experiential contract which included a small allowance, and I soon realised what good use I had for that. My friend and I, who both share the same dream and won the competition together, lived together and shared the Guvon journey  decided that we wanted more than just a dream. We started a business,  specializing in small cakes and pastries.

Guvon Academy made me realize that you have to not only chase your dreams, but also believe in them. Nothing is impossible and if you put your mind to it you can do anything. They helped me grow, become strong and taught me that hard work pays off even if it takes a little time. I now know that I am ready to enter the next chapter of my cooking journey as my graduation is just around the corner. I would not have achieved all these things in my short life without The Fairway Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort who gave me the opportunity to learn and grow, Guvon Academy’s tutors and mentors who taught me everything I know. So this is my journey – you need to learn how to walk before you can run  and slowly but surely I will be flying.




I would just like to thank Mrs Lynette Webb for the opportunity that she has given me while studying at Guvon Academy.  I have grown so much and learnt everything there is to learn in the Events industry. Through all this knowledge that I have gained I got the chance to go to America with “Work Away International”, and I am now living my dream!!”




Guvon Academy is definitely The School of Excellence as they make any and all opportunities possible for all students.

The experience that you gain through work integrated learning is something that money can’t buy as well as the valuable friendships that you form along the way.




My story of success:  When I started at Guvon Academy I was only 17 years old and knew nothing about the hotel industry.

Through Guvon Academy I started my journey of knowledge and confidence as I studied the National Qualification in Food & Beverage and in my second year I studied Further Education and Training in Events Support.

I have grown so much and I am a proud ambassador of The Hospitality Industry! I wouldn’t have changed a thing to make my journey any different