Corporate and group actvities

Guvon Academy is proud to offer it’s latest products…

Now is the time to join the current global trend of creating wonderful cuisine by getting your team into the kitchen.

We are offering you an interactive, hands-on, alternative to team building activities at the Guvon Academy with a range of dynamic and fun challenges.

Select one of our corporate and group activities to enjoy time out of the office and among your #officefamily by creating a stir, or attending a master class by our chef lecturer, and win(e) at Vino Bingo.

Cooking Challenges:


Each team will be supplied with ingredients and recipe booklet for the dishes that are being prepared by the team.

The Guvon Academy kitchen is decked out with all the utensils and equipment needed to create a taste sensation and sit-down meal.

The delegates create their dishes, based on the selected cuisine, and share their expertise, recipes and experience whilst experimenting together.  There is an element of competitiveness as at the end of the day, their dishes will be judges on creativity, flavour, presentation and teamwork.

At the end of the cooking challenge, the teams get to sit down and enjoy their meals together.

Teamistry caters for teams of 10 to 20 delegates.

A minimum of 3 hours is required to complete basic dishes, but can be tailored to suit your needs.

Master Class by Guvon Academy Chef:

dennis-klein-123624-unsplash.jpgJoin our resident Chefs for a Masterclass like no other!

The team will be guided through the cooking process and receive expert tips for creating magical culinary works of art at their own homes.

The Chef will provide delegates with plating tips and techniques to replicate at home.

Red, White or Blush?

nik-macmillan-474594-unsplash.jpgBring the winelands to Gauteng in an interactive wine tasting experience which the whole team will enjoy.

Your team has the opportunity to explore and interact with a trained and knowledgeable wine professional to discover wine in an informal and intimate setting.

Wine tasting caters for a group of 10 to 40 delegates.

Teams will experience the offering of a selected wine farm or a range of wine farms whilst having a detailed discussion about similarities and differences. They will explore how each wine farm differentiates itself, from vintage to price range.

A basic food and wine pairing can be incorporated in the tasting; which will include sweet and savoury food components to compliment the respective wines.

Fun, interactive activities such as wine bingo and blind tastings can be incorporated with the wine tasting experience.

Mixology Happy Hour:

roos-oosterbroek-558868-unsplash.jpgCombine “happy hour” with a cocktail challenge and snacks for a fun team building experience.

What could be better than some time mixing your own exotic cocktails and competing in team challenges for taste, presentation and combinations?

Each team will twist, twirl and shake their masterpieces into life, as they create a catchy name and a legendary story to illustrate its journey of creation.  The mixology judge will be looking for original stories, cocktail names and visually stimulating cocktails – and in the end it comes down to taste and presentation.

Mixology challenge caters for groups of 10 to 30 delegates.

The mixology challenge runs minimum 2 hours but can be done in conjunction with another challenge. Mixology challenge is a perfect “ice breaker” to a team dinner or teamistry challenge.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available for selection.


oscar-soderlund-373354-unsplash.jpgLet the experience be-gin!  Indulge in a gintail experience with a curated gin and tonic tasting, facilitated by a ginologist.

Creating a perfectly balanced gintail is an art, so take on the challenge of creating a prize-winning gintail by identifying the particular botanicals and flavour profiles of some of the leading South-African gins on the market and pairing this elixir with a complimenting tonic, whilst garnishing with a selection of fresh and dried ingredients.

Gintails challenge caters for groups of 10 to 30 delegates.

Gintail challenges are judged on presentation, flavour and “the perfect serve”.

A culinary and drinks experience…

Choose from a range of workshops or challenges to suit different groups, preferences and budgets. The Teamistry, Masterclass and Wine Tasting are some of our most popular team building workshops on offer.

We are delighted to also cater for all kinds of corporate events or social get-togethers. We are looking forward to making your team building a memorable experience.

Download the Guvon Academy Team Building Info pack and contact us today!