Events Workshops


Course-Banner---Executive-Waiter2Dates:  February 2017  |  Duration: 2 weeks (includes practical training)

This practical course and training enables the student to become a highly skilled waiter:  learn how to set a table,  serve guests with a smile, gain knowledge of wine and the way to serve and prepare various drinks.


Course-Banner---Events-planning2Date: April 2017 |  Duration:  5 days

Do you just love planning events and parties? This short workshop will qualify you as a specialized event organizer.  

Date:  April 2017  |  Duration:  2 days

Great chefs don’t only know how to cook up a storm in the kitchen, but  are able to develop recipes and techniques for food preparation and presentation, ensuring consistent high quality. Being able to minimize food cost, exercise portion control for all items served and assist in establishing menu selling prices are essential skills for chefs.

Course-Banner---Kids-party-planning2Dates:  May 2017 |  Duration: 4 days

Some moms start by doing their own kiddies parties so beautifully that it ends up being a full time career. If you want to add a formal qualification to your passion, contact Guvon Academy and learn to plan themes, costumes, décor, food, entertainment and party gifts.

Course-Banner---Decor2Dates:  June 2017  |  Duration: 1 day

During this extremely practical  course you will be doing flower arrangements, setting the table with beautiful decor and equip yourself with the knowledge of formal table setting, designing centre pieces and creating basic flower arrangements.   Perfect for you if you have some creative flair!

Course-Banner---Cocktail-snacks2Date:  May 2017 |  Duration:  1 day

If you have always dream of hosting the perfect High Tea or Cocktail event, this is the course for you. Enhance your cooking and presentation skills with this one day course where snacks, sandwiches and garnishing are prepared in a contemporary or Pan African style.

Course-Banner---Special-CakesDate:  August 2017|  Duration:  2 days

Look no further for a fun and creative baking workshop where students learn how to make  wedding cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes for similar special events. We cover shortbread biscuits, “soet koekies”, ginger biscuits, traditional tarts, normal cheese cakes, baked cheese cakes  as well as chocolate tempering, chocolate truffles and chocolate garnishing. What’s not to love with this course which will make you the darling of the party circuit.