Cooking Classes

These workshops are fun, interactive, cooking classes for the novice or individual who would like to learn new skills to entertain at home.

Cooking workshops include a demonstration, step-by-step cooking assistance, booklet with recipes and a Guvon Academy apron.


2018 Cooking Workshops



Cooking Workshop

Price per person

  Saturday, 3 March Confectionery: Cake Decorating

Learn the techniques and skills for making “drip cake” and glazed cakes.

Decorate your own “take home” cake creation.

  Saturday, 7 April The Art of Sushi

Create beautiful traditional and modern sushi with a variety of fillings and accompaniment.

  Saturday, 12 May Confectionery: Old school Sweets

Learn confectionery skills in the making of honeycomb, toffee and homemade marshmallows-just like Ouma used to make.

  Saturday, 30 June Moroccan spice, and all things nice

Become enchanted with the spice and flavour of Moroccan cooking. Be transported to the spice market and enjoy a culinary journey of traditional food and tea.

  Saturday, 28 July Confectionery: Cupcakes

Create rainbow inspired cupcake creations, from flower designs to unicorn dreams. Take the modest cupcake to new heights with decorating techniques.

  Saturday, 25 August Italian

Italian flair and flavours combine to create food which you will be passionate about. Prepare and cook a three-course meal which will even satisfy a mafia boss.

  Saturday, 29 September Confectionery: Macaroons

Ooh la la! French Macaroons made the traditional way. Join Chef Karen, Pastry Chef Extraordinaire, in creating little works of art with almond flour and eggs whites, finished with decadent fillings.

  Saturday, 27 October Spanish Fiesta

Ole! A Spanish feast filled with Mediterranean flavours, served with a glass of Sangria.



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