About us

The Guvon Academy was established in 2010, with its roots firmly embedded in hospitality training of the Guvon Hotels and Spas group.  

From July 2017 Guvon Academy established itself as a player in the public hospitality training market by applying for registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training. Recently the Guvon Academy received accreditation as a Skills Development Provider with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations.

N4 – N6 Skills Development Provider: 1220/17/00347

Occupational Certificate: Chef Skills Development Provider: 1220/17/00498

Guvon Academy delivers outstanding industry relevant training in Tourism, Hospitality and Catering.
A successful career in Tourism and Hospitality requires one to be creative, self-motivated, flexible, innovative and dedicated. These attributes are the cornerstone of a career in this demanding industry.
With an industry so diverse, Tourism and Hospitality offers a long-term career fit for enthusiastic individuals wanting to put their education and skills to work in an exciting and varied environment.
The more knowledge, aptitude and energy you have, the more chance you have of succeeding as an entrepreneur and securing employment with Guvon Hotels.

The Guvon Academy is situated in close proximity of Eagle Canyon Golf and Lifestyle Estate. We are easily accessible from major roads and close to public transport routes.


Providing quality teaching and learning hospitality experiences that are relevant, and effective, in a multi-cultural community that supports life-long learning.


Nurturing passionate individuals to realise their full potential within the global Hospitality and Tourism industry.



Guvon Academy remains committed to providing quality facilitation and learning interventions that are constantly evaluated and reviewed. 


Honesty, sincerity, trust and professional ethics guide the team at Guvon Academy in decision making and actions on a daily basis. 


Constant change in line with industry demands and the education landscape is a priority for remaining leaders in hospitality and tourism training. 

Community responsibility

The team at Guvon Academy value their role as a responsible corporate citizen and aim to support the communities in which they operate. 


We foster relationships within our business and understand the value of cooperation and collaboration with industry partners.


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